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Welcome to the Official Website of Time Optics, the best source for talking watches, low vision watches, high quality fashion watches for men, women and kids.  Time Optics is the single source for talking watches with a Dual Voice option. This option allows the owner to change between a male or female voice option.  In addition, we offer the largest variety of high quality watches for those with Low Vision, the blind and the elderly with independent living needs.

Our recent best selling products include talking fashion watches for kids learning how to tell time.  The kid watches offer leather and/or  multicolored velcro straps. The Ladies Fashion Watches have expanded to new product lines offering leader straps.

About the Founder:
When Linda Robbins noticed the absence of attractive options for talking watches, she decided to fill the void in the market by launching her own company.  Linda has been in the watch business for over 40 years which allowed her to tap into resources to create high quality watches at an affordable cost using the latest technology available.